Friday, July 19, 2019


Because reading is fun!

Started reading only a few years ago, ever since that day I fell in love with reading! 

12 Best Summer Reads | Best Holiday Reads 2019

Summer is almost Here! The days of fun and adventure are ahead. The best time for any book worm to enjoy...

28 Tips To Help You Become A Bookworm in 2019!

This is my 4th post about reading habits! I don’t think it’s ever enough. When it comes to books I always have...


BOOK REVIEW : The Beekeeper’s Daughter

Name of the book: The Beekeeper’s Daughter Name of the Author: Santa Montefiore Year of publishing:...

Book Review: The Temptation of Gracie

Name of the book: The Temptation of Gracie Name of the Author :  Santa Montefiore Year...

Book Review: Sea Prayer

Name of the book: Sea Prayer Name of the Author :  Khaled Hosseini

Book Review: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Name of the book: Safe Haven Name of the Author :...


Is in the eye of the beholder.

But it al starts with good (organic) skincare!

10 Best Beauty Podcasts For Skincare & Makeup Lovers!

What would be the top 3 apps on your phone that you can’t live without? Well, I am pretty sure that "the...

Best Natural Ingredients ​​For GLOWING Skin

Disclaimer: I am neither a dermatologist nor a skin expert. This post is purely based on my experience with these products over...


Live healthy, eat healthy.

8 Must- Watch Food Youtubers For Beginners

If it hadn’t been for youtube I wouldn’t be able to cook anything at all.I wouldn't have dared to try cooking any...

Eating Healthy on a budget: 6 ingredients to eat for more nutrition

We all want to be healthy, and eat nutrient-dense food. But does that mean we have to be on a strict diet...


Writing about writing.

Sharing knowledge about blogging, so we can all grow together!

The 10-year​ Blogging Journey of Pennypinchinmom- Interview with Tracie Fobes

I do 2 things to get motivated : reading  books and listening to experts in the field. Ever...

30 Productivity Quotes For Bloggers & Entrepreneurs!

What’s the downside of being a blogger? If you ask me, I would say getting demotivated. As a...

6 Reasons Why I Think You Should Blog

Do you know 23 % of Internet time is spent on blogs and social networks!!
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