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This is my 4th post about reading habits! I don’t think it’s ever enough. When it comes to books I always have so much to say.

So in today’s post, I have 28 tips for you. All of them made me a bookworm and hopefully, it does the same to you!

The purpose of these posts is pure encouragement. I want people to read more and more books. Those who struggle to read, I will give more tips. Above all, I want to tell them that it’s never too late to start reading.

However, let me answer some of the questions which might come to your mind about me and reading.

Did you always read a lot?

Not really! I read two or three books per year! As a child, I liked comics and read them often! But books without pictures didn’t interest me! As I grew up, my interests shifted to magazines!

During my college days, I tried to read some books. Nevertheless never succeeded in making it into a hobby. Ironically, most of my friends were bookworms! Whenever I visited bookstores with them, I got bored easily. I had one friend who bought books every month even if there wasn’t enough money to buy food! Better to starve than not reading I guess😝.

When did you begin to read more books?

I started reading more books when I was 27. It was one of my Dutch language teachers who encouraged me to read. One day he took my classmates and me to the library and asked us to take a book to read. I chose a Dutch book. I read it and finished it on time unexpectedly! It was so unlike me! Ever since that I never stopped going to the library!

That ‘s how I fell in love ❤️ with reading. Now it’s your time for reading! Let’s check the tips I have to help you with that!

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28 tips to help you become a bookworm

  1. Follow reading groups on Facebook and Instagram – It’s much more interesting these days to discuss a book on social media.
  2. Buy books during book sales – You save a lot of money and it makes you a bookworm sooner than expected!
  3. Set the environment for reading – Get cozy! Sit on the couch, with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Or go outdoors in nature.
  4. Set a reminder for reading – You can set an alarm or it can be an activity! Making tea or sitting on the couch can be a reminder of a book.
  5. Carry a short book with you – Short books are great while traveling and you can finish reading them quickly
  6. Surf social media for some inspiration – I found blog posts that talk about reading habits, really interesting and influential articles. Like this one here or a Youtube channel like this.
  7. Always read first thing in the morning and last thing before bedtime
  8. Always read the blurb – Blurb is the short description of the book, mostly written on the back of the book.
  9. Don’t subvocalise while you read – This can make you a slow reader.
  10. Read about the author – A quick Google research on the author for just a piece of extra information.
  11. Look for patterns or symbols in the story – This is just an interesting way to engage yourself fully while you read
  12. Blinkist – The app I highly recommend. It has 15 min of insights from more than 2500 bestselling nonfiction books. You can read or listen.
  13. Set up a Goodreads account: To make your reading list, this is a great place.
  14. Read some reviews of books – This can help you decide your next book.
  15. Get a library membership – Save money, read plenty.
  16. Set the goal of the year – To motivate you for reading.
  17. Discard the books you don’t enjoy – Say bye to the books that bore you.
  18. Don’t daydream while you read – I used to do it a lot, especially if it’s a boring book. That’s why tip 17 is important.
  19. Try to imagine the scene while you read– I love this especially when it’s the countryside scenery!
  20. Listen to audiobooks – They are great during busy days! Try LibriVox or lit2go for FREE Audiobooks!
  21. Write a review of the book – This gives you the satisfaction of reading and a better understanding of the characters!
  22. Discuss the books with your partner or friends -I discuss some witty remarks of some characters! Trust me it can turn into a regular family joke!
  23. Watch the movie – It makes you realize how many details you miss if you haven’t read the book.
  24. Read more books from the same author – Once you read more books from the same author, you began to observe the writing style.
  25. Try different genres – Humour, romance, drama, chick lit… There are so many out there.
  26. Read books set in different geographical places – why spend money on traveling if you have a book!
  27. Read Short books – I love them, sometimes a light read is what you need!
  28. Translated versions – It gives you a wider perception. You may find the world became a lot smaller.

That was 28 tips for you! I am curious to know your progress! To make it more exciting I have a reading challenge for you.

28 Tips To Help You Become A Bookworm in 2020!

Time for YOUR action:

I really hope I have encouraged you to read more books. If you tried any of these tips let me know! Leave me a comment or send me an email at

Happy reading,

Your bosom friend.


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