This is 2019!! A brand new year!

The time when many of us brace ourselves for New Year’s resolution.You know, the usual things like eating healthy, getting up at 4 A.M or becoming vegan. Things which tend to have only a brief lifespan in our routines. Of course there are a few people who try hard and succeed. Kudos to them!👍

To be honest I was one among the majority who couldn’t put any of new year goals to action. Every year I decide to take up reading as my hobby, for some reason it just never happened. May be because I gave up too soon.

Those struggles were two years ago. Reading is my favorite hobby now. But let me tell you, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Hobby is a leisure activity, something you do for enjoyment. In the beginning, when you start reading, you may feel like it as a chore than a hobby, especially for those who never read more than three books per year. The sad part was, I was one, someone who would spend quality time in a clothing store than in a bookstore. However, despite all the difficulties, I fell in love with reading the process.

Now I read at least 100 books each year! Moreover I was able to do that for the past two years! Compared to those times when I read nothing but magazines and newspaper gossips I truly observe this as a massive achievement.

In today’s post, I am going to talk to YOU about the reasons why you should make reading your favourite hobby in 2019.

So, are you ready to become an avid reader this year?  

1. The hobby costs almost nothing.

Reading is cheap. OK, let me explain! I am not talking about “buying books”. It’s a lot of money. But how about borrowing books from your nearest library?  That’s what I mean by it’s cheap.

Do you know how much my yearly library membership costs in Belgium? Its 6 euro!!! That’s like 0.50 cents per month. What?? Drinking water here costs 0.67 cents per liter. You may take up to 15 books at a time! So you see what I mean! Isn’t this the cheapest thing in the world. I am pretty sure that other countries will have similar price ranges. So which concludes the first reason. #1 Cheap!

2 . You meet a lot of people in your reading couch!

Living in a foreign country is difficult at first for everyone. In my case, it was pretty much similar. I hardly went out alone and had no friends. I wasn’t someone with uncountable friends in my home country. However, in the new country, you feel lonely, don’t we?

I was depressed about the fact that there is no one to discuss the movie I watched or the new cuisine I tried. So what did I do? I read . Most of the time reading helped me a lot . When you read you meet so many different characters through books. Characters who entertain you, influenced you or even make you sad. Once you read a lot, It’s almost like you meet them in person.

Let me list a few of  my favorite characters for you.

The little Matilda from the book “Matilda” can amaze you. Her sheer intelligence is extraordinary. You would definitely like to have a kid just like her.

Who was the most curious person you have ever seen? For me it’s Peter rabbit. I am sure you would find him naughty at times. Actually, most of the time.

The lovely Anne Shirley was the one who helped me build up my imaginations. She taught me how to enjoy mundane tasks. All you have to do is just imagine things! Imagine everything as you want them to be.

List doesn’t end there! There are plenty more people whom you may meet in every book.

Thus the conclusion #2 meeting new people!

3. Travel around the world.

I am somebody who would like to know about people and their culture. But you can’t really travel always right? So what can we do?

Read books!

Reading a book means going on an adventure, just like a hobbit.

You can travel anywhere you wish, just remember to choose the right book. Millions of books are waiting for you.

Books are also a great way to travel back in time. If you love reading those books, always choose Historical Fiction.

The fun part of reading is that it gives you freedom to choose books set in different parts of the world and even different time in history. Books such as A Thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini and Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte are great examples. These books tell stories of people from two different continents and from a completely different era.

In A Thousand splendid suns, Hosseini narrates the breathtaking story of Mariam in Afghanistan, whereas inAgnes Grey, Anne Bronte narrates the life of an impoverished governess, Agnes.

Another book I love a lot is Homegoing. The great novel by Yaa Gyasi about Ghana. The story follows two families for two centuries. The story has powerful characters.

In conclusion, books takes you on a journey.# 3 Travel unlimitedly!

4. You can even learn a new language!

Well, I am not saying you will be an advanced level user in a new language. That would be a bit over the top.

However, books can help you improve your vocabulary, grammar and communication. Eventually you’ll see a difference in your language level.

I would recommend reading Children’s books for this reason. They are the best way to boost your vocabulary.

That concludes the reason.# 4 free language lesson!

Final thoughts

These are the 4 reasons why reading is the best hobby. In addition, books can widen our perspective on the world we live in. Give it a try if you can and see for yourself.

Time for Your action:

What book are you going to read? The books I mentioned in this post are

  • A thousand Splendid Suns
  • Agnes Grey
  • Home Going
  • Matilda

If you happen to read any of them let me know what you think of it.

Tell me your story in the comments or email me :

Happy reading,

Your bosom friend👩🏽‍💻.


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