13 Pinterest Tips and Tricks That Can Skyrocket your Blog Traffic in 2020

Pinterest is an amazing source of traffic for bloggers and small business owners! While SEO can take months or years to get stable organic traffic, Pinterest marketing can help you get thousands of visitors within a couple of months of blogging.   I have been blogging for a year now and currently, I have 15K+ visitors […]

30 of The Most Inspirational Quotes For True Success

We all know how powerful words are.  A best friend’s words of encouragement can mean the world to you,while a few words of criticism can hinder your success.  According to Yehuda Berg – Author of The Power of Kabbalah “Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force […]

8 Creative Podcasts to Listen to If You Want to Make Money Online

8 Creative Podcasts to Listen to If You Want to Make Money Online

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by being a blogger or a creative entrepreneur?   Do you get frustrated when success seems so far away? I guess we do, especially in the earlier stages of our entrepreneurship.  So what can we do about it? Well, my suggestion is to listen to podcasts! Podcasts are such an incredible source of […]

30 Productivity Quotes For Bloggers & Entrepreneurs!

Productivity quotes for bloggers

What’s the downside of being a blogger? If you ask me, I would say getting demotivated. As a new blogger not having enough traffic or followers make me exhausted. Did you feel the same? If so what you usually do to get right back on the productive track? In these times I find reading some […]

6 Reasons Why I Think You Should Blog

"What are the benefits of blogging What's the need and importance of blogging, what makes blogging the best career . What should be the purpose of blogging as a business. Blogging and business"

Do you know 23 % of Internet time is spent on blogs and social networks!! Is that why you should become a blogger? Well, kind of… but not really. So why should you blog? You should blog if you want to be creative, to be your own boss; moreover, to spend your time and energy […]

7 things I learned in my First Month Blogging.

7 things I learned in my first month blogging

How I made $2000 in the first month? How did I get to write a sponsored post in my first month? Probably you have heard a lot of these headlines and clicked immediately wondering, how the heck is that possible! Well, at least I have! In fact, I have done it so many times, even […]