150 Classic Books Every Book Lover Should Read In Their Life Time

Classic literature isn’t usually a “choice of read” for many of us, including me. Even though I adore books, reading classics doesn’t make my reading entertaining!   Classics books definitely aren’t easy reads, to begin with!   Each sentence is unbelievably lengthy and wordy.  One can’t just “read the sentences” to understand the context. It often requires an […]

9 Self-Love Books To Help You Find Confidence & Happiness in 2020

Best books on self-love in 2020

Oftentimes we are so engaged in the lives of others that we forget to spare a moment to look into ours.  I remember often scrolling through the glamourous Instagram feeds and agonizing over the luxury of other people, obviously ignoring the blessings I have.  If you are struggling with self-esteem or confidence and looking for […]

12 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Book Nerds

12 Most Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts For Book Nerds

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner I am sure many of you would have started your gift hunting; the perfect gift for your sweetheart.  If your valentine is a bookworm, then you don’t really have to spend so much time thinking about what to gift your bae. Because you know they always loved adding […]

50 Romantic Classic Love Quotes For Him From Literature

50 most romantic love and relationship quotes from books.Beautiful short, love quotes for your boyfriend, husband from Jane Austin, Nicholas Sparks, Hemingway

The thing about love is that it can be hard to express it wholeheartedly!   Saying” I love you” to your partner may feel like an overused expression. Well, guess what? Today I have compiled a great list of romantic quotes from literature to express your affection and fondness on this valentines day ( or for […]

7 Non-fiction Books That Will Change Your Life

7 Non-fiction Books That Will Change Your Life

I fell in love with reading around two years ago. From reading 1 or 2 books (sometimes 0) I ended up reading almost more than 100 books a year! But throughout my reading lists, you will hardly find a non-fiction or self-help book! I loved reading fictional stories and characters. I wanted to laugh or […]

21 Inexpensive Gifts for People Who Love to Cook

21 Inexpensive Gifts for People Who Love to Cook

Here we are again in the holiday season and it’s time to find some awesome gifts for your friends and family.  In this post, I thought of helping you with some amazing kitchen gift ideas for people who love cooking and baking.   From basic kitchen tools to appliances for meal prepping, you will surely find […]

17 of The Most Popular Christmas Books For Your Kids

17 of The Most Popular Christmas Books For Your Kids

Isn’t Christmas the most delightful time for children? Decorating the Christmas tree, dancing to the Christmas carols and getting tons of gifts they want from Santa.  But above all, in my opinion, the best part is curling up with their parents and reading some great classic Christmas tales!  And if you are wondering what would […]

19 Harry Potter Gift Ideas That Will Impress The Ultimate Fan

Harry Potter Gift ideas-Yourbosomfriend

I have been a Harry Potter Fan since a teenager  However, I had no idea then that you can own things from the wizarding world.   Things such as The Elder wand or Harry Potter spellbooks. How cool is that?  So in this post, I have created a gift guide for the ultimate Harry Potter fans. […]

11 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Bookworms In Your Life

Gift ideas for bookworms-Yourbosomfriend

You know, gifting is always fun. I feel so happy and satisfied with gifting someone. But the tricky part is FINDING the perfect gift. You have to read their mind since you can’t really ask them. Since we are approaching the ultimate gifting season of the year I thought of helping you. find I have […]