Friday, August 23, 2019


Accuracy of the products in the blog posts:

I am not a medical professional, nor have I any prior experience. If I write about a topic including skincare, the views are my own from my own experience. So it can’t be taken as prescription for treating skin or health condition. I request consulting a medical professional for such matters.


The email addresses of the readers are used only for personal communications. It won’t be sold or distributed to any third party.


Written and Visual contents:

Unless stated otherwise, the contents and reviews are my own. I wrote them personally. Some of the images are photographed by me some of them are from free domain or used by revealing the source. You may borrow the material from this blog after seeking permission from me. Thank you for the understanding.

Links provided in the posts:

Links provided in the posts are for informative purpose only. I have taken every care to share accurate information through the genuine sources I believe in. Loyalty to my readers matters to me the most.


Affiliated links:

You may find affiliated links in some posts. If you wish to purchase through those, I will receive a very small commission. I recommend the products I trust in. So I hope you would enjoy them as well.

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